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Languages support
Posted: 20 January 19 Modified: 19 February 19 Posted by: Archives

The “Simplr” theme supports natively 7 different languages.

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Messenger as share link for mobile devices
iPhone X
Posted: 18 January 19 Modified: 22 January 19 Posted by: Archives

There is a secret into the “Simplr” theme! The modal sharing box hides a Messenger icon allowing it use for mobiles, only. Even if facebook offers a deskop web interface to Messenger, Smartphones are the prefered device for this social chating appl...Continue reading →

CSS Vertical Rythm
Cliqz Internet Browser
Posted: 15 January 19 Modified: 18 January 19 Posted by: Archives

Vertical Rythm into the “Simplr” theme.

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Edge and Dark Mode
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Posted: 9 January 19 Modified: 9 January 19 Posted by: Archives

Here is two screenshots for the support of the ”Dark Mode” (high contrasts), first within Edge browser and native Win 10 mode; then within Firefox and its ”Dark Background and Light Text” extension.

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Posted: 7 January 19 Modified: 21 February 19 Posted by: Category: Archives

How the “Simplr” theme deals with the old IE browser. Maybe bad, maybe good…

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