Piscina Parque
Photo © João Duayer - Fotógrafo - ArchDaily.com
facebook instant articles configuration
Facebook Instant Articles validation: no errors found
Posted: 28 January 19 Modified: 28 January 19 Posted by: Archives

The “Facebook Instant Articles” RSS flux is well formatted, without any errors. Unfortunately, I can’t retrieve the automatic publications into the social network: for some strange raisons it is blocked.
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Console infos
Some infos displayed into the browser's console
Posted: 26 January 19 Posted by: Archives

The “Simplr” theme displays some useful informations into your browser’s console.

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masonry presentation
Published with: 2 Images. New presentation for recent browsers
Posted: 23 January 19 Modified: 23 January 19 Posted by: Archives

The “Simplr“ theme uses a new presentation of images in photo galleries displayed in quiquonce, with equal thumbnail sizes as a fallback for old browsers. The number of columns is governed by Flexbox and depends on the viewport width. The thumbnail...Continue reading →

Posted: 22 January 19 Modified: 18 January 19 Posted by: Archives

The “Simplr” theme allows the creation of photographic gallery pages. Just create a new section set to ”static_pages” page model. Write a new article attached to this new page with or without body text content: if no text is deteted, the page w...Continue reading →